Epstein’s friends catch up with him


As we now know Jeffrey Epstein was an American financer amongst other things. But after trying to take his own life several weeks ago he would have been on Suicide Watch where he would have been checked by a prison guard ever 30 mins. This is standard practice in every prison in the world, no matter where you are. So it only goes to show that something else went on in that cell a couple of days ago when Epstein supposedly committed suicide.

Let’s look back a little at the guy’s lifestyle to see how this unfortunate outcome accrued. Epstein was friends with a great number of wealthy and prominent people including President Trump who at the time was just another billionaire amongst many it was rumored. Then there was Prince Andrew, a strange acquaintance for a prince, but probably introduced by a friend of a friend like you normally do. Then it turns out that one of Epstein’s young lady friends says she was groped by the Prince (being a female friend of Epstein’s would usually make you underage) so this doesn’t look good for Andrew does it. Buckingham Palace strenuously denies that anything went on between the Prince and any female friends of Epstein, but they would say that whether it was true or not. Its just royalty doing what it does best (or worst) and trying to play down an embarrassing incident.

I’m only voicing MY opinion on this news story, but after seeing The Daily Telegraphs write up on the story I thought I’d add my two pence worth.



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